Fast Track Training


WELCOME to the It Works family. We’ve made this process as easy as possible. Don’t overcomplicate this business. Keep it simple. Every month set a goal for yourself. The end result is to reach Double Diamond and beyond (which is $6k or more per month). Consistently bring in 4 loyal customers and 3 distributors each month to reach your goals More is better but 4 & 3 are the magic numbers. Keep this in mind.

The Steps to Success is a plan that’s meant to jumpstart your business.


Step 1: Join the Party

If you’re reading this I’m assuming you’ve already completed this step. CONGRATS! You’ve made a great decision.

If you haven’t joined It Works yet you can click here to get started.


Step 2: Earn Wrap Rewards


In step 2 you’ll earn wrap rewards by bringing in 4 loyal customers. For every 2 loyal customers earned you will receive a box of wraps or facials for only $25. That gives you the opportunity to make a $75 profit from each box that you turn around and sell.

So the first thing that you should do is get your 4 loyal customers immediately. This gives you the chance to win wrap rewards, a $100 bonus and you’ve now met one of the requirements to promote to a higher paying rank.


Step 3: Become a Ruby


The first rank that you want to hit is called RUBY and this would give you an extra $600 per month (not including your bonuses).  BONUS: If you achieve this within your first 60 days you’ll get a $500 bonus. Let’s go over the steps to achieve this.


Foolproof Method:

FIRST: Think of FOUR people who love and trust you. Think of people that would support your new business and test a product out for you by becoming your loyal customer for 3 months with auto-shipment. This could be your mom, dad, aunt, sisters.. as long as they have different addresses they will count as your loyal customer.

SECOND: Find 3 people to join your team. Help one of those people find 2 distributors to join their team. Note: You can always sign 5 distributors and then move 2 under one of your distributors. Either method will have you charted for the Ruby rank.

THIRD: Help all of your distributors complete the Steps to Success. Encourage everyone to have 4 loyal customers and 3 new distributors every month. (When your personally enrolled distributors reach their 2nd loyal customer you get a $100 fast track bonus)

FOURTH: Share this Fast Track Training with all of your distributors.

FIFTH: If you don’t have an auto-shipment of 80bv running then you must have 150pbv to be commission qualified. Don’t lose your commissions. Check this every month.

Repeat these steps every month to reach your desired rank.